Church is a family!

Church is NOT a business – or an organization – it is a family.

Church is not a building

Church is the body of Christ – it is a relationship. The fundamental reason we gather together is to worship the living God – to give him praise and honor and glory.

Church should be without walls

Church is not about staying behind walls. It is meant to be a community dedicated to God.

Spiritual faith cannot be kept in a watertight compartment of the mind. Faith gets into the will and into the heart. Faith sets the affections on fire. Spiritual faith can and must ignite ambition—spiritual ambition.

Leonard Ravenhill

Conversion begins with an act of God. Those who are drawn are taught by God, and their wills made open to believe.

Dr Peter Masters

By the grace of God, I desire that my faith in God might extend toward everything: the smallest of my own temporal and spiritual concerns, the least of the temporal and spiritual concerns of my family.

George Muller

Gathering with the Church should lead us to holy ground. You get to come and worship Someone else, with someone else. You get to pour out love to Him by serving those around you and considering them more important than yourself. It’s not about you. And you are glad it’s not about you. Because this is something far greater than you. It is sacred.

Francis Chan

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