UNPLUGGED will be a new small group starting in 2021.

Its aim will be to specifically build a more intimate relationship with the Lord, and fostering a greater sense of community and belonging within our church, without the formalness of a church service.

In this smaller setting we will pray, study, and share together, deepening community, learning to be Kingdom People, and most importantly, preparing us as a church to stand firm in the Lord regardless of what happens in this country.

The studies will be aimed at deepening discipleship and spiritual maturity.

The first 12 topics we will look at will be:

1.  Salvation & Sharing the Gospel

2.  God’s Character & Your Identity in Him

3.  Renewing Your Mind Daily & Developing an Intimate Relationship with the Lord

4.  Going Deeper in Prayer

5.  Reading Scripture for Revelation

6.  The Power of Faith, Hope, and Love

7.  Baptism of the Holy Spirit & Gifts of the Holy Spirit

8.  Spiritual Warfare

9.  Hearing God’s Voice

10.  Waiting on the Lord in Difficult Times  

11.  Introduction to Healing Prayer (Physical Healing, Inner Healing, Healing of Spiritual Weaknesses, Deliverance from Evil Spirits)

12.  Living Out the Kingdom Life & the Fruits of the Spirit

To maintain privacy, we ask that you email to ask to be on our distribution list. We send out the zoom links as well as any other information you might need to know via email. If you have any questions about this process feel free to contact us by email or phone.